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When was Youtube launched?

When was Youtube launched? Here I provided the correct answer to this question for Wednesday, 21 July 2021. Use this answer in My Telenor app quiz questions.

When was Youtube launched?
When was Youtube launched?

Now I’m going to provide you the latest quiz answers for My Telenor App to win free MBS that you will get in free of cost.

Telenor Answers Today 21 July 2021

Telenor Answers 21 July 2021 are available on our website. Telenor Quiz answers for today are provided in detail and to the point above that helps you very much in Telenor Quiz questions.

These answers are also helpful to gain your knowledge because these questions are about different countries, languages, sports, science, and education-related. So, these quiz questions and answers can be helpful to grow your knowledge.

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Below I provided the correct answer to this question in detail with 4 options, it will help you better to understand the answer.

Q-2 When was Youtube launched?

  • 1991
  • 2005
  • 2019
  • 2018

Correct Answer: 2005

Next Question

Q#3 Which part of Instagram app has the posts of people you don’t follow?

You can also watch this video to get Telenor Answers 21 July 2021. Test Your Skills Telenor Quiz Answers Today 21 July 2021. Below are latest My Telenor App Quiz Answers for today Wednesday, 21 July 2021.

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Telenor Answer No.2: When was Youtube launched?

If you want to get interesting and amazing information about this question in detail then you can go to the link given below where you will get all you need to know about it.

Answer Details

Telenor Answers 21 July 2021

Q#1 Where are the Facebook main offices located?

Q#2 When was Youtube launched?

Q#3 Which part of Instagram app has the posts of people you don’t follow?

Q#4 Which areas of Instagram do the ads appear?

Q#5 Which part of your Facebook feed do the Stories appear?

If you want to go all daily Telenor Quiz answers, you can go to the link given below.

Telenor Quiz Answers Daily


When was Youtube launched? The purpose of this post is to provide the correct & specific answer to this question. This will helps you to pass the quiz. This answer is already available on the internet but, we provide to the point & we also give a link to that site from where we found answer detail.

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